How to Watch Olympics 2020 in USA: TV Channel & Live Stream Guide

Tokyo 2020 is coming! It is only a few months away until you are able to see your favorite athletes competing in one of the most popular athletic events in the world. It looks like the USA Team will once again come up with tons of medal again.

If you are the rooters of the USA Team, you surely know how the team qualifies on paper. The US Team will probably dominate the entire event again.

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 will take place from July 24 to August 9. So, make sure you circle the calendar so that you won’t miss the chance to see this from the beginning to the end.

Olympics 2020 TV Coverage & Channel in US

The IOC’s exclusive rights deal with Discovery Communications hit the second year for the Olympic events. As you’ve probably known, Discovery Communications hold the exclusive rights to broadcast all of the coverages. Starting from the 2018 Winter Olympics, the IOC works together with Discovery Communications to deliver the content of the Olympics event.

In the US, NBC Universal is holding the broadcasting rights. Meanwhile in Europe, IOC will handle the coverage. This covers almost all of Europe, excluding France and Russia for their own reasons.
In the UK, BBC will be holding the rights to the coverage.

All in all, Discovery is holding the exclusive pay television rights to the entire event of the Olympics 2020. If you are living or traveling in the US, don’t hesitate to tune into the NBC Universal to watch your favorite teams on the screen.

How to Watch Olympics 2020 Live Online in USA

The officials have confirmed the channel which holds the full right of the upcoming Olympics 2020 coverage. NBC Universal is the one. You cannot go wrong by tuning into the respective channel to watch the coverage from the beginning to the end. NBC has dealt with the broadcasting rights for a longer time in the future. In fact, the contract involves the coverage of the show through the 2032 games. To pick this option, you will want to make sure that you’ve subscribed to one of the American TV providers services such as Xfinity, dish, U-Verse, DirecTV, Verizon, Optimum, Cox, Mediacom, etc. Consider to look at the available options in your location and subscribe to one that is suitable with your preferences.

Olympics 2020 Live stream via Olympic Channel

Besides the official channel which we mentioned above, the Olympics 2020 is also accessible through the live streaming service called Olympic Channel. Olympic Channel, as the name suggests, provides the Olympic related content and information for folks around the world.

It has managed to deal with the Japan Consortium to make the Tokyo Olympic 2020 happen. In Japan Consortium, Olympic Channel distributes the content to the respective channels such as NHK, JBA, as well as Fuji TV. So, if you are overseas, you can rest assured in using the Olympic Channel. It is possible to stream the Olympic 2020 anywhere through Olympic Channel using the compatible devices such as Smartphone, Tablet, FireStick, PC, Apple TV, Mac, as well as Roku.

Watch Olympics 2020 streaming on NBCSports

NBC Sports or NBCUniversal is definitely the right channel to tune into to watch the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The leading American Channel has reserved the right to broadcast the upcoming spectacle. By chance if you travel or live in the US, focus only on NBC Universal since it is the only official channel to broadcast the festivity. Besides the TV platform, you can also use NBC Sports on your mobile device. All you need to do is just downloading and installing the app and login using your credentials. The live streaming service of NBC Sports is available at android, iOS, Windows PC, etc.

Olympics 2020 Live online without cable

If you have questions like “Is it possible to watch the Olympics 2020 without using cable subscription?”
Then the answer is a big YES. Again, you will want to focus on Olympic Channel. Olympic Channel provides the live streaming service without encouraging you to subscribe to any cable. It streams all of the Olympic events including the one that we are talking about right now. You can also attain Olympic channels in popular live streaming options such as Sling TV, FuboTV, Hulu, YouTube TV, PS Vue, and others. Use the VPN service if you’re experiencing geo-blocking in other countries.

How to Watch Olympics 2020 Online Free in United States

Unfortunately, we cannot give you much help. Formally, the official free option to watch the event in the US does not exist. However, we can outsmart the system and get a little creative with the FuboTV free trial offer.
FuboTV provider offers 7-days free trial period for all the new users. That means you can watch the Olympics for free for seven days using FuboTV. However, this trial offer is only eligible for new users.

If you have an existing account, you will not be eligible to attain the service. With the FuboTV subscription, you can easily have access to the apps and websites you need. If necessary, you can recycle your new membership using your new email address and new account. But do it in your own discretion.

How to Watch Olympics inside & Outside of USA using a VPN

If you are watching the Olympics outside the coverage area of your live streaming provider, there’ll be a chance to experience the blackout. It is because each live streaming provider has strict rules about receiving the IP from their market area. If you are outside their market area, they will reject your connection. For instance, if you are using Sling TV, you may not be able to use this service outside the US. That’s why you will need VPN service to save you from the trouble. With the VPN, you can connect to the specific servers and attain access to the live streaming services to watch the Olympics 2020 without hassle or fuss.

Finals Words

When you are rooting the US team, you will want to reserve your option to watch them first. Well, what else? If you are not picking your watching option, you cannot see your favorite team in action. So, support them and pick the good live streaming service for you so that you won’t miss the spectacular moments from Olympics 2020.

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