How to Watch Olympics 2020 in Canada: TV Channel & Live Stream Guide

If you are rooting for Canada team for the upcoming Olympics 2020, you will surely know that the date is fast approaching. Your favorite team has been busy all the time to give out their best in the upcoming Tokyo 2020.

As we know, Canadian team has been preparing all of their athletes since three years ago. It has been a hard work done by your favorite athletes and country team. The athletes have also been working together and giving their best thanks to the country for the support.

The Canada Team has been excited for Tokyo 2020. Winning bronze at Rio 2016, they are pretty optimistic about having better results in the upcoming Olympics. If you are rooting for them, don’t hesitate to reserve your watching option to follow them in action.

Olympics 2020 TV Coverage & Channel in Canada

Whether you are living or travelling in Canada, there are official options which you can use to follow the team in action through your favorite medium. The officials have confirmed that there will be official ways to watch or listen to the games in the Olympics 2020. Let’s jot down the TV broadcaster first. TSN and TLN will be delivering the content through the TV platform as well as internet. For the cord cutters, you can opt to Sportsnet subscription. If you are on the go and prefer to listen to how the things go while you are on the go, don’t hesitate to tune into the CBC Radio.

How to Watch Olympics 2020 Live Online in Canada

It is possible to watch the Olympics 2020 live online in Canada. While we’ve mentioned that TSN and TLN will handle the TV broadcasting, you can rest assured that relying on Sportsnet will bring you the best experience. Sportsnet is an easy stuff compared to the other options since you don’t need to subscribe to a cable subscription or so. So, for those who have ditched their TV cable subscription can opt to the Sportsnet to watch the Olympics live online in Canada. The best thing when using Sportsnet is that you won’t need to spend too much money as you usually do on cable option.

Watch Tokyo 2020 Live on CBC Sports

CBC Sports is actually a great medium to follow the upcoming Olympics 2020 in Canada. However, we cannot be sure if this channel will completely broadcast the video. But all we are sure of is that you can follow the action fully through their radio. You can even live stream some relatable content right from your favorite browser. So, don’t hesitate to come to their official site at and browse around. You will easily find your passage to the Olympics 2020.

Olympics 2020 Live stream via TSN Direct

TSN, although coming as a TV channel, also offers live streaming option for those who have ditched their TV cable. First things first, you can access its live streaming service through your favorite browser by visiting their official site at If you are fond of wall-to-wall coverage, then this site can make a great option for you. You just need to fill in your TV cable provider credentials to get access. Then you will have TSN direct which you can pick without having to have TV cable. Consider to compare the price first though to get you the best deal.

Olympics 2020 Live online without cable

It is possible to watch the Olympics 2020 without using your cable TV. As we know, it is often much better to get rid of the cord since you don’t have to pay for expensive services anymore. Well, lucky for you, you can actually get this one out from the Sportsnet. Sportsnet is also popular as CTV Sportsnet. If you’re familiar with this option, then you’re golden. Don’t hesitate to subscribe to this live streaming service. Sportsnet comes with two different plans of the live streaming service. You will want to take a look at those and decide which one that is suitable with your expectations and preferences.

How to Watch Olympics 2020 Online Free in Canada

Can I watch the Olympics 2020 for free in Canada? Sort of question comes with YES and NO answer. But the YES answer is something we don’t want to recommend to you. There are many third party websites which offer you to watch the Olympics 2020 for free, without paying a single dime. But most of them are full of spyware and malware. You don’t want to use them if you love your device. Not to mention that IOC, as the broadcaster rights holder, clearly stated that they use advanced anti-piracy technology to prevent, track, and take action against the unauthorized broadcasts from the third party. So, your chance will be much better and safer to use only the official live streaming providers.

How to Watch Olympics inside & Outside of Canada using a VPN

Whether you are inside or outside of Canada, you might experience a blackout because of the geo-restriction claimed by your live streaming vendors.

There could be two scenarios. The first scenario is when you are coming to Canada from other countries and you use the service in Canada. For instance, Sling TV users who use the service in Canada might experience blackouts because the market is in the US. Or the second scenario, you are using Canadian live streaming services out of the country. With these two scenarios, you could experience the blackouts. Consider to use the VPN services to unblock the geo-restrictions. You can connect to the specific country servers so that the respective live streaming services will accept your IP and open the access for you. Pick the best VPN services like Expressvpn, Nord VPN, CyberGhost, IP Vanish, and so on. Connect to the server, and

Finals Words

It has never been too early to discuss the Olympics 2020 that happens the next year. Well, we are in December month anyway! So, it only a matter of time until the moment of truth revealed. Tag along your friends or fellow fans to read this article if they have no idea about choosing the best option to watch the Olympics 2020 event.

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